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Couples Therapy

Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) considers the central questions we often ask ourselves in our most important relationship: “Do I really matter to my partner? Will she/he be there for me when I need them the most? Do I feel safe and secure enough in this relationship to be my real self, with all my failings?” These questions are often at the root of what couples fight about. When we fear or suspect that the answer to one of these questions is “no” or “maybe,” it can cause us to feel isolated and alone, and we start to look confusing or mean to each other. I can help you understand the cycle that prevents you both from feeling connected and secure.

I am certified as an EFT therapist and supervisor.

Individual Therapy

Most of us experience times in our lives when the old ways of coping simply aren’t cutting it anymore.  You may be struggling with a sense of hopelessness, feeling alone and set adrift, longing for closeness with others, yet finding it to elude you.  You may be seeking help from a counselor for depression, anxiety or a failing relationship. I know that it takes courage to reach out for help. I’ve been on that side of the therapy office. 

I work with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, recovering from trauma, and struggling in their relationships. Even if you’re not quite sure what’s preventing you from feeling good, we can figure that out together.

I am trained in EMDR trauma therapy.


You found EFT - a couples therapy model that makes you feel hopeful, and you think maybe I can actually help my couples more! But … what now? How do you find your way through when it looks so simple on paper, but in the room everything turns into a confusing mess? It is very important to me that my supervises feel safe and non-judged in the counseling room, just like we want our clients to feel. Learning, showing your work, receiving feedback is a vulnerable process. I am a gentle supervisor, working at your pace to help you bring EFT to your couples with more clarity and empathy. I want to help you find your particular gifts and how to bring those out more in your work.

I am a certified EFT supervisor.


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All healing is first a healing of the heart.
— Carl Townsend