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Let's climb together!

I am certified as an EFT supervisor and would love to assist you in your journey as an EFT therapist in learning and growing in this amazing couples approach. I love helping therapists gain skills and confidence as EFT couples therapists and we will go at your pace. Whether you want to get support with your couples work or are moving towards certification as an EFT therapist or supervisor, I’d love to walk alongside you in the process. I offer EFT supervision either in-person or long distance via zoom, FaceTime or Skype. We can review your taped sessions together or I can watch them ahead of time using Business dropbox that is secure and HIPAA-compliant. Or if you are still on the fence about videotaping your sessions or showing them for review, we can walk through that process as I know it can feel very intimidating. One of my passions in supervision is helping to normalize and validate any struggle with the journey you may be having and to let you know you are not alone in that struggle. Just as we seek to provide safety and support to our couples and clients, one of my goals is to make the supervisory relationship a safe place for you to explore and grow.


My fee is $120 for the supervision hour payable via check or venmo. If you are needing hours towards LPC licensure, I am also an LPCS, so your hours with me will count towards that licensure.

I have worked with Felicia for over a year, and she is an exceptional supervisor. So much of this process is intensely vulnerable for the supervisee. We have to show our tapes, reveal our own blocks and insecurities, and it can feel like walking into a session where I just have to talk about how bad I am at something for an hour! Felicia’s genuine unconditional positive acceptance of me has been key in helping me feel safe enough to be honest with where I’m floundering, and safe enough to show my tapes at all. I tried other supervisors, and realized that safety was essential or I would just be bracing myself for supervision with knots in my stomach - not a great state of being for growth! In addition to her safety, she stays true to the EFT model, which I love. She keeps me in the game, and helps me be curious about my own process with my couples. She is pure in the EFT model, and also vulnerable and realistic about how we are never perfect, but always in growth in this work.

- Wesley Anne Little, LPC